Thousands in Mexico Take to Streets To Protest Drug War – We Need to Do the Same Here! | | AlterNet

Thousands in Mexico Take to Streets To Protest Drug War – We Need to Do the Same Here! | | AlterNet.

Its good to see mexicans take to the street to protest their Federal Government’s War on Drugs. I just wish americans would do the same thing. About our Federal Government’s War on Drugs. Because the reason why the now forty year War on Drugs at least in America has been a failure. And the now trillions of dollars we’ve spent on it. Because of what we’ve gotten out of it, which isn’t much. Narcotics are still a major problem in America. Narcotics Dealers are still making billions of dollars off the poor choices of Narcotics Addicts. The War on Drugs is still funding other Organize Crime in America as well as Mexico. Just like it was doing forty years ago.

The reasons why the War on Drugs have been a failure in both America and Mexico. Is because the way both countries have fought it. By treating Narcotic Addicts equally with Narcotics Dealers. Both like criminals, Narcotics Addicts are patients with a Medical Condition. They are not criminals who are a threat to society. Narcotics Dealers are criminals looking to make profits off the backs. Of Narcotics Addicts who a lot of time are willing to anything to fund their addiction.

Marijuana Prohibition is a big part of the War on Drugs. Instead of legalizing with regulation a drug thats no more dangerous for people. Then alcohol and tobacco, we’ve prohibited it. Wasting billions of Tax Dollars trying to control what people do to themselves. Instead of just treating that drug like alcohol and tobacco. And using that money for important things. Like infrastructure, education, Law Enforcement and other priorities.

The War on Drugs has been a failure because of the way its been fought. With misplaced priorities and trying to regulate how people live their own lives. And treating criminals and patients equally.


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