Ryan Budget Would Slash SNAP Funding by $127 Billion Over Ten Years — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Ryan Budget Would Slash SNAP Funding by $127 Billion Over Ten Years — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

The best way to save money on our Social Insurance programs or Safety Net. Especially when we are dealing with Deficit Reduction, is to make them more Cost Effective. To reform them in a way to empower people to get the skills that they need. To get a good job and become Self Sufficient so they no longer need Public Assistance. Cutting these programs just for the sake of cutting them, doesn’t accomplish this. But looking for ways to save money in these programs and eliminating waste in them does.

Some of the ways to do this would be to make them more independent and less bureaucratic. Which by themselves would make them more effective. Instead of filing mountains of paperwork if they want to make a reform. As well as giving State and Local Governments more autonomy. As long as they meet basic standards.

The way to help the people who collect from Public Assistance Self Sufficient. Is to give them the opportunity or make it a requirement for collecting Public Assistance. That they go back to school or go to school. So they can get the skills to get a good job or get a better job. That would allow them to earn enough money. So they become Self Sufficient. This would be a short term investment but would pay off in the long term. Because then these people would no longer need Public Assistance and be independent.


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