How Socialists Built America | The Nation

How Socialists Built America | The Nation.

America was not founded by socialists who wanted to build a Socialist State either a Socialist Democracy or some other Socialist Government. America was not founded by authoritarians who wanted to build either a theocracy or some other type Authoritarian Government. America was founded by democrats and yes even Liberal Democrats. That wanted build a Liberal Democracy, where the people would have the Constitutional Rights to govern themselves. And not be overtaxed or over regulated. Two of the reasons why the former British Colony’s broke away from the United Kingdom. Because they were tired of paying the UK High Taxes. Especially since they didn’t feel they were getting much in return. And they wanted the ability to practice their own religion or not practice any religion. And not be forced to practice the Official Religion of the United Kingdom. As well as being forced to live under the British Monarchy. Instead The American Rebels wanted to form a republic in the form of a Liberal Democracy. That America still is today. The US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Two of the most Liberal Documents ever written. Were written by Liberal and Libertarian Democrats, not socialists.

America didn’t have a Welfare State or much of anything looking like Democratic Socialism. Until the 1930’s with the FDR New Deal. And then in the 1950’s with Federal Highway System under President Eisenhower and then in the 1960’s with the Great Society under LBJ. Compared with Europe and Japan, socialism in any form is fairly new to American Society. And also compared with Europe and Japan, socialism in any form is pretty small. Europe on average spends around 45-50% of its GDP on its government. A lot of that Tax Revenue is spent to finance their Welfare State. Compared with America pre Recovery Act on 2009. We were spending 21% of our Tax Dollars to finance our Federal Government. With about 30% of that to finance our National Defense. Since then because of the Recovery Act, we are now spending 25%. Which is still small compared with Europe. But a record peacetime level of Government Expenditures for us.

America and Europe are just different society’s. Europe expects its governments to perform a lot of services for them. Americans prefer to perform a lot of these services for ourselves. And have a large and I would say Healthy Distrust of our government. Where a lot of europeans generally like and trust their governments. The American System works for America, the European System works for Europe. Doesn’t exactly mean one system is better. But that they are different.


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