Reid Wants to Put the Screws to GOP Over Ryan Budget–And He Should | AlterNet

Reid Wants to Put the Screws to GOP Over Ryan Budget–And He Should | AlterNet.

With Freshmen GOP Representatives struggling to raise money and the House GOP in general struggling to raise money as a whole. As they are getting killed by House Democrats in fundraising right now. And with GOP Representatives getting heat back home about the Ryan Budget as well as Chairman Ryan’s Medicare Reform plan. That would transform Medicare into a Voucher System and force Senior Citizens off of Medicare to get their own Health Insurance. And with President Obama’s falling Approval Rating with the Military Operations in Libya and the struggling recovery in the economy. Now would be the perfect time for Senate Leader Reid and Senate Democrats to force Senate Republicans to take a stand on the House GOP Budget. Because they might be able to make the Ryan Budget as unpopular as Health Care Reform was in 2010. And since the Senate Democrats have 2/3 of the incumbents up for reelection in 2012. Senate Democrats need something they can use to help even the odds of then retaining their Senate Majority.

But I would do in a clever way, I would give Senate Minority Leader Mitch Mcconnell the first opportunity to call the bill up or offer it as a substitute. But then if he doesn’t do that, then Leader Reid should bring the Ryan Budget up on his own and attempt to get a straight up and down vote on it. And lets see where the Senate Republican Leadership stands on it as well as their membership. Because they have vulnerable incumbents up for reelection as well. Like Sen. Brown of Massachusetts. Sen. Snowe of Maine, with Sen. Ensign resigning before his term is up. Nevada will be an open seat and Sen. Ensign with his corruption issues, isn’t popular in Nevada to begin with. So this would be the perfect time to force Senate Republicans to take a stand on the Ryan Budget. And lets see where they are, lets see if Minority Leader Mcconnell even allows a straight vote on it. Or will Senate Republicans move to block it or attempt to amend it. As a Political Junky, the Political Theater of it. Would make it seem worth it to me.

But after Leader Reid attempts to force a vote in the Senate on the Ryan Budget. They should offer their own Budget Plan led by Sen. Conrad Chairman of the Budget Committee. Either offer the budget that the House Democratic Leadership offered. Or write their own bill, even if it has no chance of becoming law. Just to give the message that they are in charged of the Senate and White House. And this is where they stand and give voters a choice in the 2012 General Elections. Which is what elections are about.


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