Bernie Sanders: Cutting Taxes for the Rich While Slashing Social Programs Is Insane | The Nation

Bernie Sanders: Cutting Taxes for the Rich While Slashing Social Programs Is Insane | The Nation.

Wow I actually agree with Sen. Bernie Sanders again, I guess my last Head Examination didn’t take. Perhaps I should schedule another one, perhaps see another shrink. Or just acknowledge that even though Sen. Sanders and I agree as often as Israel and Hamas on anything. That he’s actually right, that we shouldn’t be cutting services for Low Income people and at the same time cut taxes even further for High Earners. We shouldn’t be cutting people off from our Social Insurance system that was created in the 1930s and 60s. That has made these people dependent on Public Assistance and has left generations of people on it. Because they weren’t designed for the most part to empower people to become Self Sufficient. But to subsidize people when they are down, through Financial Assistance and other Public Assistance. What we should do instead, with Social Insurance and Tax Cuts for High Earners. If we ever get serious about Deficit Reduction, is to increase taxes on High Earners who can afford it. And to reform our Social Insurance in a way that empowers people to get themselves off of it and become Self Sufficient. Through education and Job Placement that sorta thing. To yes to help pay down our deficit and debt but to also move people out of poverty.

When Ronald Reagan became President thirty years ago, one of his goals was to tear down the Welfare State. He tried to do this by kicking people out of Mental Institutions and kicking people off of Public Assistance. But what happened instead is that people went deeper into poverty. Because they had no place to go and we had an explosion in homelessness in the 1980s as a result. Because people were kicked out of Mental Institutions and Public Housing. And were cut off by the Federal Government. Even though they still didn’t have a job or the skills to get a good job. Bad combination. If your going to acknowledge a problem, great more power to you. But at least know what the problem is that your acknowledging and have a constructive plan to fix. Don’t just throw your hands into the air and say its not my problem, you guys are on your own. The President is Low Income peoples President as well.

What we should be doing instead, is to empower Low Income people whether they are working. Or are unemployed or on Welfare, to get themselves to Self Sufficiency. This can be done through yes temporary Financial Assistance but moving forward, through education. Give these people and opportunity to go to school or back to school. To get the skills that they need to get a good job and become Self Sufficient. And then Job Placement and then they will no longer need Public Assistance, because they can support themselves. And are now Tax Payers instead of Tax Collectors. This would be an investment up front but would pay for itself and a lot more in the long run.


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