Gary Johnson and Ron Paul — Two GOP Drug War Critics Seek Presidency | | AlterNet

Gary Johnson and Ron Paul — Two GOP Drug War Critics Seek Presidency | | AlterNet.

I’m glad that Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are running for President. Not that I would ever vote for either one of them. Unless it was a choice between them and a Far Right candidate or a socialist candidate. What I like about them, is that they are both libertarians or libertarian leaning like Conservative Libertarians. I just believe both candidates are running for President for the wrong party. They should both be running for President for the Libertarian Party. Where both candidates could help put the Libertarian Party on the map in American Politics. Especially Ron Paul, and give American Voters a much needed fresh voice and third choice. They would both either call for a truce in the Cultural War and call for people to live their own lives. As long as they are not hurting anyone else. Which would be a big kick in the ass for the Christian Right and Neo Conservatives. Which would piss both of them off and would be great. And they would both represent a fresh voice to another war that America is facing. But here at home.

America has been fighting the War on Drugs in America for forty years now. And we’ve spent a trillion of dollars financed by Tax Payers. And what have we gotten from it, the problem is just as big now as it was with the Hippy Generation of the 60s. And we now have overcrowded jails and prisons at the Federal, State and Local Levels. Because of all the Drug Addicts we have locked up, for what they do to themselves and not to others. Drug Addicts are now taking up the space that dangerous criminals should be occupying in jail and in prison. Murderers, rapists, terrorists, batterers etc. We are locking people with a Mental Condition thats been classified as a disease. Who aren’t an immediate threat to anyone. Money that we could be spending on much need Infrastructure Projects that need work. Like fixing our roads, bridges, schools. Developing a national Energy Policy that gets us off of Foreign Oil by developing our own Natural Resources. That are better for the environment.

Ron Paul and Gary Johnson would bring a fresh voice to the War on Drugs each. Because they would both have different approaches from the War on Drugs. Ron Paul wants to legalize all narcotics in America. Which I’m against, because that would have bad consequences to our economy and Health Care system. With all the new addicts to go along with the ones we have. Cocaine, Heroin, Meth, are all a hell of a lot more dangerous then alcohol, tobacco and marijuana. Because they can all kill you instantly and are a lot more addictive. Gary Johnson would like to legalize but regulate and I believe tax marijuana. An approach I’m for and treat it like alcohol and tobacco. Because it represents the same dangerous effects as alcohol and tobacco. But perhaps not as bad. I would also like to put cocaine, heroin and meth addicts in rehab instead of jail or prison. That they could pay for themselves, a long with working.

Ron Paul and Gary Johnson both represent a fresh voice and take in American Politics. Which is why they both don’t have much of a chance of winning the Presidency. Because anytime there are new kids on the block, our “Mainstream Media” finds a way to kick them off. But they should both run for President anyway. And least give voters that extra choice to decide for themselves. But not with the GOP but LP.


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