What a “truce” on social issues actually means in the GOP

What a “truce” on social issues actually means in the GOP.

When GOV Mitch Daniels republican of Indiana declared that the GOP should call a truce in the Culture War a couple of months of go. That sounded like a deep breath of fresh air to me. Especially as a liberal, who believes people have the right to live their own lives. And don’t need government telling people how to live our lives. I believe in the terms to each is own and live and let live. To judge people by the Content of their Character how they carry themselves in life. Not by who they are, or by their sexuality or nationality or religion. Terms that the Christian Right hate, as much as the Far Right speaks against Big Government. The fact is that they are Big Government conservatives. People who believe in a authoritarian version of Big Government. Instead of people being individuals, that we should all be the same. That people don’t have the right to control their own body’s. That homosexuality, especially Gay Marriage, Gay Adoption, Gays in the Military, perhaps islam should be illegal. That religion, meaning christianity should be closer to government. Its still the Christian Right that governs the Republican Party. The libertarian leaning Tea Party faction of the GOP, is just a faction right now.

The Republican Party used to be a Conservative Libertarian party. Where Social Issues weren’t prevalent, where they had more of as Barry Goldwater said. Government out of my wallet and bedroom attitude about politics. LBJ and Senate Leader Mike Mansfield needed Senate GOP Votes from Northeastern Progressives, to pass the the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act. It wasn’t till the mid and late 70s, with the emergence of Rev Jerry Fallwell of the Moral Majority and Rev Pat Robertson of the Christian Coalition. That the Christian Right began to emerge in GOP Politics. To the point now, that GOP Presidential Candidates now need their endorsement to win the GOP Nomination for President. As well as winning the Presidency. And then the Libertarian Wing of the GOP, Jerry Ford’s and Barry Goldwater’s of the World,  took a bit of a step back. Hopefully thats beginning to change with the Tea Party Movement. But I don’t think they are big enough to run the GOP yet.

So again I was happy to hear GOV Mitch Daniels call for a truce in the Cultural War. And that the GOP should instead concentrate on Economic and Foreign Policy. Two issues where they are traditionally strong. Which is why I’m disappointed that GOV Daniels this week signed a bill that cuts off funding for Planned Parenthood in the State of Indiana. Because he just fired off another shot in the Cultural War.


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