New Debt Limit Deadline in August – The Daily Beast

New Debt Limit Deadline in August – The Daily Beast.

Tea Party republicans have been saying that we shouldn’t raise the Debt Ceiling at all. The House GOP Leadership I believe has been more responsible, in saying we should raise it. Even though they are not comfortable in doing that. But it shouldn’t be a clean bill, that we should cut further if we are going to raise it at all. The Democratic Leadership has been saying we need to raise the Debt Ceiling to prevent the Federal Government from defaulting on its debt. And have been open to including more Budget Cuts as a compromise in raising the Debt Ceiling. Farther Left and I’ll be nice her, democrats have been arguing that we should pass a clean Debt Ceiling bill. And we shouldn’t have any more Budget Cuts, because we’ve already cut too much. And we shouldn’t be cutting the Federal Budget anyway, unless its the military or Law Enforcement of course. And that the economy is still slow with High Employment. And we shouldn’t cut the budget anyway. I believe both the GOP and Democratic Leadership, the adults in the room have it right. We should raise the Debt Ceiling but make additional Budget Cuts. Because if your going to ask to borrow more money, then you should at least show some willingness and ability to pay it back. The question is what to how.

I believe democrats as well as Tea Party republicans, who both agree that we should also cut defense. As well as eliminate Corporate Welfare, should view the Debt Ceiling debate as a Golden Opportunity to cut these things. It would be a win win for both sides. We raise the Debt Ceiling and not default on our debt, as well a further cutting our Budget Deficit. By eliminating waste. Big Oil subsidy’s 4B$ a year, Defense Cuts that Secretary of Defense Bob Gates, a republican by the way. Says there are 14B$ a year in defense that we should cut. Agriculture Welfare 40B$, Corporate Welfare 50B$ a year. I’m not saying that we have to make all these cuts to reach an agreement on raising the Debt Ceiling. But what I’m am doing is putting plenty on the table that democrats and republicans can choose from, where there is actually agreement. This would definitely be a Bi Partisan agreement that both sides would benefit from. Which is why the fringes on both sides wouldn’t like it. Because they’ll claim they didn’t get enough and claimed their Leadership sold out. But thats why they are not in charge and sit at the Kids Table.

Again leadership is about choosing and prioritizing and when we have a Divided Congress like now. Its about working together and if we don’t raise the Debt Ceiling, both sides will have plenty of blame. What I’m doing is offering a way to avoid that.


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