How Town Hall Protests Against Paul Ryan’s Plan Changed the Medicare Debate | The Nation

How Town Hall Protests Against Paul Ryan’s Plan Changed the Medicare Debate | The Nation.

What the House GOP is learning and what I think the Senate GOP has already learned. Is that what might sound good on the Campaign Trail, or in committee or on the House or Senate Floors. Might sound awful when trying to implement it. The Paul Ryan Medicare Reform plan being a perfect example of this. Where as soon as the word was put out, that its a Voucher System, that would change Medicare as we all know it now. And force people off of Medicare and forcing them to get private Health Insurance. Leaving them with less Freedom of Choice in Health Insurance. They now see the Ryan Medicare plan as scary, as we’ve seen with these Republican Town Hall meetings. So much so that its now putting Freshmen GOP Reps. who voted for the bill. At risk of keeping their seats. Because now they are on the defensive and have to defend the unpopular. Which is a nightmare for most politicians. Kinda like a a singer going out in concert naked. Well a nightmare for most singers, at least a lot of them. And I’ll stop with that analogy, for now.

The Ryan Medicare plan at its early stages, especially if the House and Senate GOP doesn’t play it right. Has the potential of turning out to be as unpopular as the Affordable Care Act of 2010 was for Congressional Democrats. But for Congressional Republicans. Where if your for it and you have a large Senior Population or people close to being a Senior Citizen. In your District or State. Your at risk of losing your seat. And if you run away from it, your at risk of offending your base in the GOP and facing a Primary Challenge. This could be the Wedge Issue that democrats need to take back the House and hold onto the Senate. And if the Senate Democratic Leadership is smart and I think Senate Leader Harry Reid understands this. They’ll force a vote on the Ryan Medicare plan on the Senate Floor. And force vulnerable GOP Sen. to take a stand on it. Assuming the Senate GOP Leadership doesn’t block a vote. Which would be interesting enough. Blocking a GOP bill that they probably support but aren’t ready to be on the record for.

What the House GOP Leadership is going to learn is that what sounds great amongst yourselves. Doesn’t always sound great amongst the broader audience that decides elections. Something Speaker Boehner has already figured out, by calling the Ryan Medicare plan just one option of many.


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