Want to Hear Calls to ‘Bring the Troops Home’? Listen to GOP Presidential Debate | The Nation

Want to Hear Calls to ‘Bring the Troops Home’? Listen to GOP Presidential Debate | The Nation.

As one of I don’t know hundreds of millions of people who didn’t watch the GOP Presidential Debate last Wednesday. Actually I’m a member of a club thats called people who didn’t watch the first GOP Presidential Debate for 2012. Actually were looking at shrinking the title of our club. I’m thinking against Pointless Television. And if your looking to get into the club, good luck because there’s a Waiting List of around 3000 miles long. I mean I’m a Political Junky and I didn’t watch it. Because I had other things to do and didn’t feel like following asleep during it. But a couple of interesting things apparently came out of it. Not interesting enough to make me regret not watching the debate or see a replay version of it. Perhaps maybe the next time I’m having a hard time falling asleep. But interesting enough in the sense that you had two libertarians in the debate. Rep. Ron Paul and former GOV of New Mexico Gary Johnson. Both who believe that American Armed Forces are overstretched and in too many conflicts. And believe that we spend too much money on or military. Which is a far cry from the Neo Conservative to use an Ed Schultz term “garbage”. Who essentially believe that American Armed Forces needs to be everywhere in the World, where terrorism exists. I agree with Rep. Paul and GOV Johnson.

America is overstretched and you want to know why, too bad because I’m going to tell you. Because we are currently responsible for defending large Developed Nations around the World. That can afford to defend themselves and not just in Europe either. Germany being a perfect example, a country of 80M people with the 5th largest economy in the World. With Living Standards that match America. Saudi Arabia a country of 25m people thats physically the size of Iran. That spends more of its GDP on their military then we do and has the 8th or 10th largest military in the World. That could easily defend themselves against Iran if they needed to. But we have troops and bases over there and are partially responsible for their National Security. Japan a huge Developed Nation of around 130M people with the 3rd largest economy in the World. Of around 5T$  that can afford to defend themselves. With their Nuclear Disaster I’m not saying we pull our troops out of there right away. But definitely in the future. Korea 45M people with around 10th largest economy and military in the World. That spends about the same percentage of their GDP on their military as we do. I realize North Korea has Nuclear Weapons and a huge military. But Korea could wipe them out as well as starve them.

The amount of money that America spends on its military is 700B$ a year. The amount we spend to defend Developed Nations that could defend themselves is 100B$ a year or more. We can’t have a serious discussion about Deficit Reduction without having defense on the table. Because defense and entitlements is where the money is at in the Federal Budget.


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