Cut Medicare? No Way! Make It ‘Medicare for All’! | The Nation

Cut Medicare? No Way! Make It ‘Medicare for All’! | The Nation.

Before I get too far into Single Payer Health Insurance. I want to first lay out a couple myths about it. Myth one that its free Health Insurance and Health  Care. This is the myth that probably annoys me the most. Its not free, its financed through High Taxes, which is money about of peoples pockets. Generally their Pay Checks. Compared with how their taxes would be, if people had the ability on their own. To decide where they get their Health Insurance, Myth number two, the rest of the Developed World has Single Payer Health Insurance. Wrong the rest of the Developed World has Universal Health Insurance. But each country has their own system in how its provided. Denmark and Sweden with a combine population of around 14M people. And they both have very efficient systems. But Britain and Canada, Britain population 62M people used to have a Single Payer Health Insurance System. But they’ve now moved to allow Private Competition into their Health Care System. Private being the key word because the UK NHS was being overwhelmed. And they have long Waiting Lists. Brits have gone to other countries, like France for example, which has an excellent Health Care System. Canada a country of 35M people, certainly not huge but a descent size population. Has moved to decentralized its Health Care System and are talking about allowing Private Competition. Because again they have long Waiting Lists as well. Canadians have gone to America to get Health Care.

Now here some Developed Nations that have yes Universal Health Insurance. But again they provide it differently, through competition. A combination of Public and Private Competition. Competition is a word that socialists don’t tend to like. But the beauty of it, if its regulated properly. Is that you have different services competing with each other. To deliver the best product possible. Which drives down costs, because each service wants the most customers possible. So they’ll try to make the best deal they possibly can in order to keep those customers. That in a nutshell describes the Health Care System of France 60M people, Switzerland 7M people, Taiwan 25M people, Japan a huge country of 130M people. All of their Health Care costs are roughly half of America’s. Because they all have free and open competition thats regulated. They all also don’t allow form For Profit Health Insurers. Health Care is considered a service in these nations not a product. And the have a public Health Insurer as well as private Health Insurers that are properly regulated.

I supported the 2010 Affordable Care Act, because of the Patient Protections in it. And it was better then doing nothing. But I would’ve gone farther, in installing a Public Option that would be owned by the Federal Government. But operated independently. That would be financed by its consumers and employers. As well as encouraging more private Non Profit Health Insurers. One difference between liberalism and socialism. Is that liberals trust the people, that if all the choices are in front of them. The people will generally make the best decisions for themselves. So if you have a Non profit Public Option, as well as Non Profit Health Insurers. Then the For Profit Health Insurers would be forced by the market not government, to reform how they provide their Health Insurance. Or risk going out of business, whereas socialists trust Central Government. And want private Health Insurers outlawed. And replaced with one Health Insurer.

Its not just our Health Insurance System that still needs to be reformed. But we need to address our Health Care costs as well. And only the people can do this, with government encouraging it. And I’m talking about how we take cares of ourselves physically. Which we don’t do a very good job of. The main reason why our Health Care costs are so high, is because as a society we don’t take care of ourselves very well. We don’t eat very well even though we eat plenty, actually too much. We drink, we smoke, we don’t exercise enough. For us to ever truly bring our Health Care costs under control. We are going to have to take care of ourselves well. Se we don’t consume as much Health Care in the future. You can have the best Health Insurance System in the World. But if your consuming more Health Care then you can afford to pay for. As a society, those Health Care costs will eat away your system.


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