The Sneaky Ways the Christian Right Has Re-Entrenched Itself In Our Politics | | AlterNet

The Sneaky Ways the Christian Right Has Re-Entrenched Itself In Our Politics | | AlterNet.

The thing I believe that most voters hate most, including myself and why Washington and the Federal Government are so distrusted and disliked. Is hypocrisy, saying your against something, but then being for what you say your against. But perhaps in a different form. The whole notion of Big Government is a perfect example of this. Conservatives in the past and now say they are against Big Government. Well if your against Big Government, your against Big Government. You can’t be partially pregnant and you can’t be partially against Big Government. Even your against all forms of Big Government or your not, if you say your against Big Government. If you say your against one form of Big Government, lets just say a socialist form of Big Government. But you support another version of Big Government, and authoritarian version of Big Government. That the Far Right supports, Neo Conservatives and the Religious Right, with limited Social Freedom. Meaning government can regulate how people live their own lives. Health Care being a perfect example, then you should be honest about that. And say I’m against one form of Big Government but support another form of it.

The Republican Party was elected control of the House of Representatives in November 2010. Not the Christian Right or Neo Conservatives. They were elected to address a weak economy and the massive Budget Deficit and Debt. They weren’t elected to raise taxes on people who get abortions. or regulate how people live their lives in general. Like bashing homosexuals because they are gay, or bashing muslims because they practice Islam. If they want to stay in power, they are going to have remember why they were elected in the first place. “The economy stupid” and address that, not fight the Culture War. Which most of the country doesn’t want to fight. Because as a nation we tend to be tolerant as a society. Not try to control how people live their lives.


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