Maddow: “Draconian” SD Law Effectively Bans Abortion, Despite Abortion Being Legal in the U.S. | AlterNet

Maddow: “Draconian” SD Law Effectively Bans Abortion, Despite Abortion Being Legal in the U.S. | AlterNet.

The next time I here a conservative or conservatives complain about Big Government and how they are against it. The question that should be asked them by me or someone else. Should be what form of Big Government and they might say well there’s only one form. With the Welfare State and then the answer should be, actually there’s multiple forms of Big Governments. Yes a socialist form in Sweden to use as an example. But also an authoritarian form of Big Government with limited Social Freedom. How someone gets their Health Care, which should be up to them and their doctors. Would qualify as a Social Freedom. China, Iran Saudi Arabia are countries with authoritarian forms of Big Government. Cuba is ironic in the sense. That they have both forms of Big Government, a socialist from as well as an authoritarian form. They are what a Communist Republic looks like. Conservatives in the past have made the argument that Big Government limits Individual Freedom. In a sense they are right, people have less freedom in exchange for government looking out for them. But some conservatives haven’t been completely honest about Big Government. Because they say they are against one form of it and support another version of it.

What South Dakota is attempting to do with its Anti Abortion law. Is to make it very difficult for women in how they receive their Health Care. Abortion in particular, forcing women to go through a lot of hoops in order to get an abortion. And limiting their freedom in Health Care, again a Social Freedom. This law is a Poster Child in what Big Government looks like, because it limits how individuals live their own lives and receive their own Health Care. If your against Big Government, great as far as I’m concern. Thats just my politics. But that means your actually against Big Government. Words have meaning, you can’t be against Big Government but be for a particular form of it. If you say your against one form of Big Government but support another version of it. Or your completely against Big Government, then your being honest about Big Government.

Words have meaning especially in politics, because politicians are both judged on what they do as well as what they say. Thats how we keep them honest. So if your going to take a tough stand on a position. At least understand what your own positions implies and means. And be honest about it.

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