Mexicans Reject US-Backed Drug War | The Nation

Mexicans Reject US-Backed Drug War | The Nation.

I’m glad mexicans have taken to the streets to protest their country’s War on Drugs. Its time for americans to do the same thing. For one reason and there are several, the War on Drugs is funding the Crime Wave on the American-Mexican Border. But the only people that are losing the War on Drugs, is innocent victims. Drug Addicts no, they aren’t innocent victims in this war. They didn’t have to start using narcotics but their family’s, as well as people who for no fault of their own. Get caught in Drug Related crimes. Crimes that fund the War on Drugs on both sides. The criminals who’ve benefited most from this forty year indefinite war. Because criminals and Drug Addicts steal to finance their habit and. And criminals, a lot of time Organized Gangs on both sides of the border. Commit other crimes that are Drug Related. Drug Addicts in a sense are victims of their own irresponsibility and get taken advantage by Drug Dealers, who want them to stay addicted. So they can continue to sell them their dope.

Both America and Mexico, shouldn’t surrender the War on Drugs either. And say this is too big a war, we’ve screwed it up too much and we are caving. That would just create more Drug Related crimes and create more victims. Because if all narcotics were legal, then they would be more available. What we need to do instead is reform the War on Drugs. With a three step process, end the Prohibition on Marijuana and treat and regulate it like alcohol and tobacco. Two other drugs that represent the same danger as marijuana if not more. Treat Drug Addicts like the patients that they are and get them in Drug Rehab instead of jail or prison. That they would pay for themselves. Which would collapse the Narcotics Market, because with less Drug Addicts equals less customers for Drug Dealers. Then we need to concentrate are remaining Drug Enforcement resources. On getting cocaine, heroin and meth out of the country as well as Mexico. So Drug Dealers have less to sell.

The current War on Drugs deserves to be protested but its not time to throw in the towel either. Lets reform it in a way that works better for everyone involved.


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