Vermont Ever Closer to Single-Payer Healthcare « SpeakEasy

Vermont Ever Closer to Single-Payer Healthcare « SpeakEasy.

I wrote a blog last Tuesday Night on my feelings on Single Payer Health Insurance. So instead of risking sounding repetitive on how I feel about it. I’m not going to repeat my feelings on it. If you want to know them, your welcome to check out my WordPress site. Or get a hold of me and I’ll send you a copy of it. And I don’t want to sound repetitive on it as well. But what I want to do with this blog, is to lay out what supporters of Single Payer can do. To further their cause of moving America towards that Health Care System. And instead of trying to impose a Top Down socialist approach from our Uncle Sam.  And forcing americans to accept it whether they want it or not. Take a look at what the State of Vermont is doing and take a look at the States Rights and grassroots  approach to advancing a cause and winning policy battles.

I’m not in favor of Single Payer Health Insurance for reasons I’ve already laid out. I support the French Model of Health Insurance, with a combination of private and public competition in Health Insurance. Thats well regulated, that the White House and Congress tried to pass in 2010 but settled for the Affordable Care Act instead. But like I’ve said, I’m a liberal who believes in Freedom of Choice. And I believe in the American Federalists System. That gives States autonomy to make a lot of their own decisions on how they govern themselves. If Vermont or any other State in the Union wants to move to a Single Payer Health Insurance System. Then thats their right and they are able to do that. Just as long as its not forced on Maryland, Iowa, Arizona or any other State in Union. They can make these calls for themselves. Health Care is so personal that these decisions need to be left up for the people not government. The main reason why I’m Pro Choice on Abortion.

What Democratic Socialists and supporters of Single Payer Health Insurance in general should look at. To advance this cause, is what Vermont is doing and try to advance their cause State by State. First of all they’ll have a much better shot of succeeding, because this would be a grassroots approach. And with direct communication with the people that this system would affect directly. But also they’ll be able to see exactly where they stand. Instead of forcing Single Payer down the throats, a Top Down approach from Uncle Sam. Look at the liberal grassroots approach instead of the Uncle Sam socialist Centralized Power approach. To establishing Single Payer Health Insurance.


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