Grassroots Effort is a better approach to Health Care Reform: AlterNet

Grassroots Effort is a better approach to Health Care Reform: AlterNet

I wrote a blog last night suggesting that Single Payer Health Insurance supporters. Should look at the Grassroots Level and what different States are doing on Health Care Reform. And I suggested that they look at the State of Vermont as a perfect example of this. Perhaps I didn’t use the term perfect example but you get the idea. Vermont is attempting to establish a Single Payer Health Insurance System for their State. I say attempting to establish, because they haven’t figured out to pay for it yet. And if you know anything about finances, that can be a problem. Again no such thing as a Free Lunch if you pay taxes. I’m not in favor of Single Payer Health Insurance, but I don’t live in Vermont, if they want to have that system and they pay for it themselves. More power to them, thats their business, it doesn’t effect me as a marylander.

What Rep. Jim McDermott and Sen. Bernie Sanders, two Democratic Socialists. The difference being that Sen. Sanders is an admitted Democratic Socialist. Are attempting to do in Congress, is establish a Single Payer Health Insurance for the whole country. Instead of letting the States figured out for themselves if they want this system or not. Which is what Vermont has done. A Federal Mandate from Uncle Sammy to all his nieces and nephews around the country. Even if New York, Florida, Illinois, New Mexico, California etc doesn’t want Single Payer. Is not the way to go, because they might have different ideas for a different Health Insurance System. The only thing I like about the Mcdermott-Sanders bill, is that they let each individual State figure out for themselves how they would implement it. It just has to be a Single Payer System though.

What I argued last night is that if Single Payer supporters really want Single Payer for the whole country. And I believe that they do, that they should look at what Vermont has done. And build a Grassroots Movement from the ground up. Instead of this Top Down approach from the Federal Government. And let the people decide for themselves what type of Health Insurance approach they want. Health Care like food or clothing and I’m sure many other things. Is such a personal choice, that the people should make these decisions for themselves. Where they get their Health Care and how they pay for it.


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