Conservatives Have Defined Freedom Long Enough: AlterNet

For the last 30 years and if you want to be technical, its really more like 47 years. With the Barry Goldwater for President Campaign in 1964. Conservatives pretty much owned the terms freedom and getting government off of our backs. And using terms like Big Government and we are against Big Government. Americans tend to be for Low Taxes and tend to be against Big Government but in all forms. Not just the socialist form of Big Government. Americans generally love their freedom and don’t want government telling them how to live their lives. I’m one of them, I have a government out of both my wallet and bedroom approach to politics. Just like Barry Goldwater had a very similar approach. He was truly against Big Government because he was against all forms of Big Government. I don’t have a problem with conservatives like the Barry Goldwater’s of the World preaching against Big Government because they know what they are talking about. Its Theocratic and Neo Conservatives, I have a problem with speaking against Big Government. Because they are being hypocritical. Because they support another form of Big Government, an authoritarian form of Big Government with limited Social Freedom.

I also have a problem with people who I would consider to be on the Far Left and who I would describe as Democratic Socialists. Not to be insulting but descriptive, because those terms are pretty unpopular in a Liberal Democracy like America.  We like our Medicare and Social Security but we don’t want the Federal Government having a lot of control of the economy. Like running our pensions, banks, Health Care System, Education System etc. That Democratic Socialists in America would like to see. And its very hard for people of that ideology to get elected to High Office, especially Statewide in America. If a lot of voters know they have that political persuasion. So when they say they are Pro Freedom and anti Big Brother. They are not being completely honest, because they are talking about Civil Liberties. And are against intrusive Law Enforcement, that sorta thing. But love Big Government when it comes to the economy.

Conservatives have owned these terms and battles at least since the late 70s. But perhaps even farther back, which is what Ronald Reagan used to get elected President. He knew himself very well and where he was politically and knew where the country was and how to market himself. I have no problem as a liberal with conservatives like Ron Reagan and Barry Goldwater speaking against Big Government. Because like I said they knew what they were talking about. When it comes to freedom, this is an area where liberals should be very successful. Because thats what we are about. Individual Freedom and Equality of Opportunity. This is what Harry Truman, Jack Kennedy and Bill Clinton fought for. Despite all of the efforts of the Right Wing. Liberalism is not Democratic Socialism or Classical Socialism. Those are three separate ideology’s. So when there’s a debate about freedom and Big Government, liberals should feel very confident in engaging in that debate. We should actually own it.

As I’ve said before if your against Big Government, your against Big Government. You can’t be partially pregnant or partially anti Big Government. Your either pregnant or your not and your either anti Big Government or not. And if your Pro Freedom, great so am I but that means your Pro Freedom. You support Low Taxes and Limited Government, which means you support homosexuals right to marry each other. You support Freedom of Speech and privacy and the US Constitution as a whole. Not just parts of it., which is what the Far Right and Far Left do. Terms and words have meaning and your going to use them. Do everybody have a favor and have a good idea what the hell your talking about. Or be quite and keep your ignorance to yourself.


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