What an the American Policy in the Middle East should look like

The Nation.

Now that America has moved away from Neo Conservatism as our Foreign Policy. With a Liberal Democratic Obama Administration with its Liberal Internationalist Foreign Policy. We can now establish a new Foreign Policy in how we deal with the Middle East. That should be about backing Democratic Protesters when they speak up, hammering down on Authoritarian Regimes that attempt to clamp down on Democratic Protests by force. Including hammering down on Authoritarian Regimes that have been traditional ally’s like Egypt. This doesn’t mean hammering down on them by force. We don’t have to establish a No Fly Zone that covers all of Arabia and we probably couldn’t even if we wanted to. There are other ways to come down on these regimes like through sanctions, especially when they are done jointly. Like through an International Coalition. But these things need to be done, Syria being a perfect example of this.

Our Foreign Policy shouldn’t be designed on forcing other countries that have been traditionally authoritarian. To impose a Liberal Democracy on the country. Imposing freedom on people who’ve never experienced before in their country is not the way to go. But when countries move in the direction of democracy, whether its Liberal Democracy like America. Or a Socialist Democracy like Sweden or a Conservative Democracy like Turkey. We should stand with them as the greatest democracy in the World. Especially when they are under attack by their own government. Democracy can’t be imposed on people, Iraq case in point. Its something that they have to want for themselves.


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