The Young Turks: Cenk Uygur- Report Exposes Private Prison Lobby

Source: The Young Turks: Cenk Uygur- Report Exposes Private Prison Lobby

When I look at the Role of Government, I want it to do the things that it does as well then the Private Sector or can only do well. National Security, Foreign Policy, Intelligence, Transportation, Social Insurance, Education and yes Corrections. Prisons is not something we should be privatizing, this is something that government has to do because its responsible for the security for society. Law Enforcement and Corrections is not an area where people should be profiting, where there should be Profit Motive. Because we are talking about Public Safety here. It would be as bad as privatizing our Defense Department.

If you only have one National Private Military. Then you have a monopoly, if you have a bunch of Private Military’s, then you have company’s competing with each other to make the most money as possible. Instead of defending the country. Corrections is the same thing, the Federal Government needs to be running the Federal Prisons. And the States need to be running their prisons. We don’t want to have Private Prisons with the incentive to keep inmates inside longer. Just so they can collect more Tax Payer revenue.

We are now spending more money on prisons in America then education. This is not because we have a very efficient Corrections System. It’s because we lock up too many Non Violent offenders and arrest people who haven’t hurt anyone other than themselves. We definitely need Prison Reform in America at the Federal and State Level. We need a system that’s based on yes punishing inmates for the crimes that they committed, which we are already doing by taking their freedom away. But at the same time prepares our inmates for life on the outside, so they can become Productive Citizens.

And no longer criminals through education and work and other Life Skills. So they don’t need to come back to prison. Which would also cut down on our Prison Costs. But also make them pay for their Room and Board while they are working in prison. And then we have our prisons pay for themselves and make them less of a drag on our budgets. Tax Payers pay for the prisons, which is another reason why government should be running them. Because the government works for us and is accountable to us Tax Payers.


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