What an American Theocracy would look like

10 Great Things About America That Drive Conservatives and the Religious Right Insane | | AlterNet.

As a liberal as I believe most liberals do, I love the US Constitution. Thats what American Liberalism is based on, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. I believe its the greatest Political Document that was ever created and the consider it the greatest Liberal Manifesto ever written. And the closest to perfection that ever a Political Document was ever written. Someone who loves the US Constitution pretty much for what it is, perhaps doesn’t agree with the whole paper. But the basic concepts of it. Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Assemble, Property Rights, Right to Privacy, Right to Bare Arms, the Protection of Unreasonable Searches and Seizures. The Freedom of Religion and I could go a lot farther. But in the interest of time, yours and mine and to keep you awake as you read this. I’ll spare you of that, for now. So when I here someone say they love the US Constitution, unless I know that they do. That I got a pretty good idea about their politics. Because I know them personally or know their writings or record in someway. I’m probably going to question that statement, really the Constitution as a whole or parts of it.

So when I here people on the Far Right, not conservatives I tend to respect. As a liberal I actually respect people who I would view as Conservative Libertarians, the Barry Goldwater, Bill Buckley’s of the World. People I respect but people who I would view as Authoritarian Conservatives. People who believe in Limited Freedom if any, Religious Conservatives and Neo Conservatives. When I here authoritarians say they love the US Constitution, I think to myself, really which parts. I’m guessing the Freedom of Speech as it relates to politics and religion. And of course the 2nd Amendment the Right to Bare Arms. Three rights that I respect as well. Don’t tell me you love the Constitution when you support things like eliminating the Separation of Church and State. And want to see Religion in Government, or you don’t like the Separation Clause or Equal Protection Clause. And would like to see homosexuality made illegal. Don’t tell me that you love the Constitution when you favor making America less free in how we lives our lives.

Every time I here someone on the Far Right rail about Big Government. My first reaction to ask, really which version because there are multiple versions of Big Government. My second reaction is thats garbage for lack of a better word. Your not fooling me again for lack of a better word. My third reaction is to laugh because they are so ignorant. That they don’t realize that they support what they say they are against, Big Government! If you love the US Constitution, great I’ll stand by you and shake your hand because so do I. But before you make that claim, do yourself a favor and understand what is it exactly your claiming to love.


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