You can’t Balance the Budget through Starvation

Proposed WIC Cuts Would End Food Assistance for 325,000 to 475,000 Low-Income Women and Children — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

When it comes to things like Food Stamps which has a different name now and WIC. Which is Public Assistance for the needy who would otherwise starve. These programs are critical to preventing starvation and from poverty from getting worse. They represent really the least we can do for people who essentially can’t afford to feed themselves and their family’s. And without these services would cause other issues for society that we, like more crime for example people stealing to eat. Sorta like kicking people out of Public Housing causes more homelessness. Which again leads to other problems. I’m not saying people on Public Assistance should be able to stay there  indefinitely. What we should be doing instead is empowering them to to get the skills that they need to get a good job so they no longer need Public Assistance. Thats how you save money when it comes to Social Insurance. Which would also benefit society as a whole, because we would end up with more Skilled Workers and more people paying taxes. That would be a way to pay down the deficit. Cutting funding for Social Insurance just to cut it or address the deficit. Doesn’t accomplish the goal, because it only represents peanuts of the overall Federal Budget. And causes other problems that society has to pay for and deal with.

As I said before we need to do more to battle hunger in America. WIC is just one step in the process, we need to expand Food Access in under served areas that lack access to affordable grocery’s. I would look to see a private not government Non Profit System developed that would run Non Profit Grocery Stores around the country in High Poverty areas. That lack access to affordable grocery’s, that would sell nutritional grocery’s at discounted prices. That could be partially financed through Grocery Insurance. As well as empowering Low Income people to get the skills that they need to get a good job. And get off of Public Assistance, this would be a good way to bring down our deficit and debt. Because less people would need these services and be paying taxes.


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