Suggestions for House Leader Cantor on how to pay for Disaster Relief

If its really the deficit and debt that House Leader Eric Cantor is worried about when it comes to Disaster Relief and how to pay finance it. I have some suggestion­s for him not that I expect he’s listening.
Eliminate subsidy’s for Big Oil and eliminate Corporate Welfare all together. Make FEMA Financiall­y Independen­t as well as Operationa­lly Independen­t of the Federal Government­. So Congress can no longer screw it up. And have Congress do its job with oversight. By giving FEMA setting up a Trust Fund for FEMA that Property Owners would pay into, based on the worth of their property’s and where they live. At how much risk their property is at. And then set up a Disaster Relief Insurance program that again independen­t of the FEDS. And require all Property Owners to pay into it. And when their property is affected by a disaster, they would be able to collect from it.
This would take pressure off the Federal Budget and we would no longer have to borrow to pay for our Disaster Relief.
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