How America can be Compassionate and Fiscally Responsible on Disaster Relief

Cantor claims Republicans are serious about jobs and the economy.

America has a huge whole that one way or another and hopefully by choice. We’ll dig our way out of it before its forced on us but thats not a forgone conclusion. Washington Politics will make that very difficult for that to happen. Because democrats and republicans will have to put their career plans aside and take some heat and come together to solve this problem. Which is like asking a Nascar Driver to drive slowly in a race or Albert Pujols to bunt with the Bases Loaded. It rarely happens. We have a Budget Deficit of 1.6T$ and a National Debt of 14T$ matching our GDP. Yet we live in a massive country of 310M people thats also massive physically. Where we get all kinds of weather all over the country and all kinds of Natural Disasters. Not many other countries in the World have to deal all the types of Natural Disasters that we do. Both hurricanes and earthquakes, long hot and humid weather with no rain. As well as Frigid Weather and these cause problems for us that we have to spend money to deal with. Because we are a compassionate country that helps ourselves and others.

So I have some suggestions for House Leader Eric Cantor and his other House GOP Colleagues. Since they believe the deficit and debt is our biggest threat to our economy. And that we can’t have strong economy again. Until we get our deficit and debt under control. As a country we have to be both compassionate and Fiscally Responsible. How to finance our Disaster Relief now and into the future.

Lets repeal Tax Subsidy’s for Big Oil and eliminate Corporate Welfare all together. Lets make FEMA financially and operationally independent of the Federal Government. So when disasters happen, they could automatically step in and have the resources to deal with it. We could finance FEMA through with a Property Tax that people would pay based on the worth of their property. And where they live and they would pay based on much their property is at risk to a disaster. Lets require all Property Owners to pay for Disaster Insurance, set up a public Non Profit Disaster Insurance Service. That would be independent of the Federal Government or people could buy private Disaster Insurance. And when their property is struck by a disaster they would be able to collect from it.

Since its paying for Disaster Relief that House Leader Cantor is so worried about. Fine here are some suggestions on how to finance it and lets not have excuses in the future about not having the resources to deal with these issues. In a way this proposal would be “Compassionate Conservative”. Because it deals with the issues but in a Fiscally Responsible way.


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