Cutting the Joint Strike Fighter is a good first step

Its a positive first step that the House at least cut the Defense Budget to a small extent at least. By cutting the Joint Strike Fighter. Which will save 20B$, money we don’t need to spend on this fighter and money that could be used to pay down our deficit and debt. But we need to go a lot farther then just the JSF in the Defense Budget as a broader package to get our deficit and debt under control. The money that we’ll be saving from bringing our troops home from Afghanista­n and Iraq should go to pay down our deficit and debt as well. But we should be going even much farther then that. We could easily be saving 100-200B$ from the Defense Budget on things that we don’t need to pay for. We are currently responsibl­e for the defense of the United States but also the defense of other Developed Nations. Countries that have the Financial Resources to defend themselves­. And not just in Europe but Saudi Arabia, Korea and Japan. We should bringing those troops home as well and demand that those nations contribute more to their National Defense. And work with them as partners instead as their own Ministry of Defense.

America has enough problems of its own in America, these Developed Nations around the World that we defend. Need to step up to the plate and defend themselves­. So we can take care of our own problems.
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