The best and perhaps only hope that Single Payer supporters have of getting what they want

Vermont Poised to Become First State to Enact Single-Payer Healthcare | | AlterNet.

For years going back to the Truman Administration over sixty five years. Supporters of Single Payer Health Insurance, which is Government Sponsored Health Insurance paid with Higher Taxes. Probably with like a Payroll Tax or an increase in the Payroll Tax, like with Medicare. That would end up being the sole Health Insurer in America. And making private Health Insurance illegal, with Medicare ending up being the only Health Insurer in America. For over sixty five years Single Payer supporters have attempted to push Single Payer Health Insurance as their vision of Health Care reform. Down from the Federal Level and essentially forced it down the rest of the country, trying to force them to take it. And haven’t really gotten anywhere, for one anti Single Payer people have done a great job of fighting against it. The Health Insurance Industry and its supporters in Congress, in both parties. But also because America is a Union of fifty States and each State has its own vision for Health Care Reform and its own ideas. And Top Down approached to problem solving doesn’t tend to work politically and perhaps otherwise. And Members of Congress tend to lose their jobs when they are behind an approach like that.

Vermont would qualify as a State with its own approach to Health Care Reform. And have chosen to go the Single Payer route. Which is their right and they’ll be the first and perhaps only State in the Union with Single Payer Health Insurance. They are a tiny State of 700,000 people, if people don’t want Single Payer, they don’t have to live there and could move next door to New Hampshire. Or to one of the other forty eight States in the Union that doesn’t have it. We are a country of 310M people and of fifty States between two huge oceans. We all have a say in how America is governed and our own different approaches on the issues. And each State has the right as long as they are within the US Constitution. Some States may decide to go the Single Payer route. Some States may decide to go with the French Model, with a combination of Public Private Competition thats well regulated. A system that I would like to see in America. Others may choose the Status Quo but I wouldn’t put any money on that.

What Single Payer supporters should take from the Vermont Experience. For them to get what they want, they are going to have to go State by State and make their case that way. Trying to get Uncle Sam to force feed Single Payer on a country of 310M people with fifty States. Has failed and they need a grassroots approach to get what they want.



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