The Failure of the War on Drugs in America

The main reasons why the War on Drugs has failed in America is because we incarcerat­e people for what they do to themselves and not to others. As is government is the National Parent of all americans. Which is generally not a good idea and because of this we’ve ended up imprisonin­g millions of people who are no threat to anyone other then perhaps themselves­. Which is one of the reasons why we have 2M people in prison in America. And one of the reasons why we have overcrowde­d prisons in America. And we have so many Drug Addicts in prison who aren’t criminals, except for the fact that they’ve been convicted of Drug Possession or Drug Use. And Drug Addicts have ended up taking the space that would’ve otherwise been reserved for Violent Offenders and other criminals who should be in prison. And we have Drug Addicts in prison who get nothing out of that experience other then maybe learning how to survive. And if anything become more addicted to drugs while in prison. Because of the availabili­ty of drugs in prison.

After forty years of the failure of the War on Drugs in America. Its been more then time that we reform how we fight this war. We can start with Legalizati­on with Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana. And treat it just like alcohol, another drug if anything is more dangerous then marijuana but its legal. We need to separate the patients from the criminals.
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