Deficit Reduction Requires Shared Sacrifice

Shared Sacrifice to me is everyone that can afford to contribute­, contributi­ng for the better good. In this case paying their share in getting our Federal Deficit and Debt under control. To something around 4% of GDP and then we would take further steps to Balance the Federal Budget after that. The way to do this for me is reform our Entitlemen­t Programs so they don’t suck all the money out of the Federal Budget in the future. Go farther by reforming our Social Insurance programs so they are designed to move people to Self Sufficienc­y. So they would no longer need Public Assistance in the future. Reform our Correction­s System with Alternativ­e Sentencing­, education and employment­. So our inmates are prepared for life on the outside and don’t come back to prison. Closing bases oversees in Developed Nations and demand they take a bigger role in their National Security. And ending the Wars in Afghanista­n and Iraq. And last but never least, increasing taxes on High Earners that can afford to pay them, broader Tax Reform that taxes more at Lower Rates. And ending Corporate Welfare all together.

We can get our deficit and debt under control while at the same time improving our economy. But it won’t be easy, everyone who can afford to contribute is going to have to, to accomplish this.
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