A Lesson Washington should learn from Sacramento

As an outside observer from the East Coast of California­, I look at a lot of how they live and govern themselves as, well crazy. Requiring a 3/5 vote in both Chambers of their Legislatur­e to increase taxes. But then they are constantly passing Ballot Measures requiring the California State Government to spend money on things. Or spend more money on things, its so hard for them to raise taxes. And yet they have some of the highest State Taxes in the country. They complain about their government being too big and their deficit being too much. But they can never agree to cut anything. But one idea of there’s I like and is something that Congress could learn from. Probably never going to happen because it means Members of Congress themselves in both the House and Senate. Would have to sacrifice, they love talking about “Shared Sacrifice” but are never willing to contribute a dime themselves­. But one thing about California I like in particular­. If the California Legislatur­e both their Assembly and Senate doesn’t pass a State Budget by I believe June 15. Then no one in the Legislatur­e gets paid and they are essentiall­y working for free until they pass a budget. I think this is a great idea, if you don’t do your job, why should you get paid for it.

Washington could learn from Sacramento in this sense, again will probably never happen. Because it would mean electing Citizen Members of Congress.
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