The GOP should know by now not to mess with Medicare

GOP Medicare debacle proves Americans ‘love socialized medicine after all’.

After the 1995 Federal Government shutdown debacle that cost the GOP any hope of retaking the White House in 1996. That was also about Medicare, you would think that the House GOP who a lot of their members were in the House during that period. Paul Ryan not being in the House then, perhaps just graduating High School at that point. You would think that they would’ve learned a big lesson with that. And not try to once again mess with Medicare and try to change with what works in it. Which is providing Health Insurance for Senior Citizens in America. But no apparently they are learning impaired and didn’t learn a damn thing form the 1995 Experience and trying to turn Medicare into a Voucher System. Medicare needs to be reformed but its the financing that needs reformed along with keeping Congress and the Administration from messing with it. They need to fix the financing in Medicare instead.

How I would fix Medicare is to have High Earners including Senior Citizens. Pay more in premiums and increase their Payroll Tax that funds Medicare. And increase the eligibility of it for White Collar workers that are still physically and mentally capable of working. Especially High Earners and reform Medicare by changing it into an Independent Non Profit Health Insurance Service. That operates independently of the Federal Government with no Special Advantages over private Non Profit Health Insurers. That would be tightly regulated, meaning that it would have to insure anyone that can cover the premiums. Whether they pay for them themselves or get Public Assistance. As the old expression goes”if it aint broke don’t fix it”. Which is something the GOP should’ve learned about Medicare a long time ago.


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