Job Growth and Deficit Reduction is not an either or

Economic Growth and Job Creation and Deficit Reduction is not an either or. The fact is we need all of them and with the State of our Economy and our Financial Outlook. Unfortunat­ely we need to do all of them at the same time. Were not going to be able to create jobs with out a much higher Economic Growth rate then 1.8%. We need to be around 5% or higher and we can’t have a strong economy in the future if we don’t get our deficit and debt under control. Because of all the money that will go to finance our debt. So they all go together and we can do all of them at the same time because thats how strong of a country we are. And thats what you can do when your currency is the World’s Reserve Currency. But we won’t continue to have that status if we keep borrowing money like we have been.

So we need a real jobs plan in the short term, thats about infrastruc­ture and manufactur­ing. Sen. John Kerry a Liberal Democrat and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson a Conservati­ve Republican­. Have a bill in the Senate that will do just that. A National Infrastruc­ture Bank that would be Self Financed, Self Sufficient and Independen­t of the Federal Government­. That would finance through the Private Sector by encouragin­g investment­s in our infrastruc­ture in the future. That would put hundreds of thousands of people to work.
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