Young People understand the MLK Dream better then anyone


If you look how far America has come on Race Relations the last sixty years its pretty impressive. Depression Baby’s led the way in the Battle for Civil Rights for all. Baby Boomers to a certain extent were their soldiers in the Civil Rights marches of the 1960s. As High School and College Students. Generation X my generation are the kids of this generation and grew up with this notion. Don’t judge people by the “Color of their Skin but by the Content of their Character”. And thats what we’ve done for the most part. Myself being a product of Multi Racial and Ethnic Schools my entire Educational Career. So I have that notion stuck in my head and my generation has moved to the point. Where Inter Racial dating and marriage is now common and doesn’t seem strange or wrong. To the point that my family will be celebrating and Inter Racial marriage between my Little Brother and his Fiance this summer. Its not about race with them but their love for each other.

If you live by the notion that you judge people by the “Content of their Character and not by the Color of their Skin” or their ethnicity. Then you live in a beautiful World where people are people but we look different from one another but still beautiful and handsome. And that Racial and Ethnic slurs and jokes are just wrong. No matter what race or ethnicity they are directed at. That no race or ethnicity should be subjected to racism. Because its flat wrong but also if one race or ethnicity is subjected to it. Then we all can suffer from it.

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