CBPP: Off The Charts- Michael Leachman- Criminal Justice Reforms Can Save States Money

Alcatraz Hole

Alcatraz Hole

href=”http://www.offthechartsblog.org/criminal-justice-reforms-can-save-states-money-but-do-states-know-how-much/#.TxEHjFMbtU0.wordpress”>Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: Off The Charts-Michael Leachman- Criminal Justice Reforms Can Save States Money.

There are many reasons why we have 2M people in our Corrections System. And why our Corrections System is so expensive, to the point we now spend more on Corrections. Then we do on Public Education and Infrastructure Investment in America. And the Failed War on Drugs is just one of those reasons. Where we now have hundreds of thousands of people in Prison. For possessing or using narcotics, it’s not the Narcotics Dealers. That are overcrowding our Prisons but their customers that are. To also go along with a lot of what Libertarian Economist Milton Friedman. Called “Bad Laws”, Laws that are designed to protect people from themselves. And then locks people for what they do to themselves. Rather then what they do to society. Why we have so many people in Prison in America.

The good news is we can bring down the costs for our Corrections System. And as a result keep our debt and deficits down, keep our taxes down in the future. By simply eliminating some of our “Bad Laws”. Like the War on Drugs, get users and addicts into Drug Rehab. At their expense, instead of Prison. End the Wars on Gambling and Prostitution and Regulate and Tax those Private Industries instead. Legalize with Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana and treat it like Alcohol. We need to get out of the business of trying to protect people from themselves. And back in the business of letting Free Adults live their own lives. As long as they are not hurting anyone else with their actions.

Other things we can do to cut our Corrections Costs, is how we treat our Dangerous Offenders. That actually need to be in Prison. By showing them they can have a future on the outside. If they give up their Criminal Careers and get themselves educated and a job. By getting an education in Prison and getting a real job in Prison. And return Prison Industries to America. Which is what Texas of all States has instituted and have shown some positive results. And have cut their Prison Costs because their Inmates are working. Producing products that can be sold to the Public and Private Sectors. And are able to pay for their Living Expenses while in Prison.

The way to cut Prison Costs so we don’t have to continue to build so many new Prisons. At the expense of Public Education and Infrastructure. And other Public Investments, is by eliminating our “Bad Laws”. Stop sending Narcotics Addicts to Prison but Drug Rehab at their expense. And preparing our Prison Inmates for life on the outside. So they don’t need to come back to Prison in the future.


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