“House Republican Proposal Would Undermine Foundation of Unemployment Insurance”: How to Reform Unemployment Insurance

House Republican Proposal Would Undermine Foundation of Unemployment Insurance System — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

When Congress finally decides to come back from their month long recess. I guess the only good thing about Congress being out of town for so long. Is that only 11% of the country likes them and all of those people are in Mental Hospitals. Or under heavy medication, you know like alcohol, marijuana take your pick. The good thing about Congress being gone for so long after getting lost and not being able to find their way back. Not that anyone is looking for them, not even their constituents. Is not even Congress can write “Bad Laws” and strip more of our Individual Liberty away from us. I looked it up, so I’m safe with saying that, unless Uncle Sam is spying on me right now. But one of the items they’ll be working on first and probably take another recess after that. After all of that tiring back breaking work, what two weeks worth. Is extending the Payroll Tax Cut and Unemployment Insurance.

What I would like seen done in the next round of the Payroll Tax Cut and Unemployment Insurance. Is extend it for a whole year, not the rest of 2012. But let the next Congress deal with it, no matter the President. Speaker of the House and Leader of the Senate. Instead of trying to fix these things in a Lame Duck Congress that makes Congress look even lamer. If thats possible, after a very hard fought partisan Presidential and Congressional Elections. And add a couple new provisions, anyone collecting Unemployment Insurance. Has to be looking for work and participating in Job Training. Whether they are going to Community College, Vocational School. Or Job Training provided by Private Employers. And then convert Unemployment Insurance Offices. Into Employment Centers, where Unemployed Workers. Could get Unemployment Insurance. But also help finding a job.

What I would like to do with Unemployment Insurance long term. Is similar to what we did with Welfare Insurance back in 1996. By converting it into Welfare to Work, so this would Unemployment to Work. Clever huh and if your wondering, yes I did come up with that myself. Except I would take both Welfare and Unemployment Insurance a step further. Not only Block Grant or if you want to hear this in english. Send these programs down to the States. For them to set up their own Welfare and Unemployment Insurance Systems. But take it even another step further, stay with me now. Covert them into Semi Private Non Profit Self Financed Community Services. To serve the people eligible for them, eliminate a lot of Red Tape. And Government Interference and let the Feds, States and Local stet their Basic Standards as regulators.

Looks like our Economic Recovery is finally about to take off. We’ll see in a few weeks with the January Jobs Report. A solid Economic Recovery is dependent on avoiding. A Middle Class Tax Hike, so these peoples lives don’t become even harder. With money even tighter and for Unemployed Workers can still have some income they can count on. To avoid losing their homes, cars and so fourth.


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