GOV. Scott Walker Stuck Hearing about MLK on Workers Rights: GOV. Walker deserves this

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker stuck hearing that ‘Dr. King would have been on the side of workers’.

What GOV. Scott Walker and I believe a lot of other Neoconservatives. When it come to the economy and Workers Rights in America. Is essentially eliminate Workers Rights, and leave all the power with Employers and Management. Whether they are Private or Public Employers. Obviously in the case of the Wisconsin State Government they are a Public Employer. Once they are able to take away the power of Public Workers, by eliminating Organize Labor. Workers Rights get eliminated and then Management in this case. GOV. Walker the Chief Executive in the State Government. They would get all the power and essentially do whatever they want to. They could force their Public Workforce to work at. Poverty Standards, with no Health Insurance and Pension. If they wanted do, leaving their Workforce with no recourse basically.

What people who tend to be anti Organize Labor seem to not understand. Unless they come from a very wealthy family, lets say in the Top 10%. Chances are their parents and grandparents, as well as them. From coming from a Working Class Family, has benefited from that. And if they came

from a family where one or both parents. Was a Pro Athlete or Pro Entertainer, then they benefited from Organize Labor as well. Thats how they were able to see their parents in the morning and at night. On the weekends, thats how they came from a nice home. Able to go to college, see their parents work under safe Working Conditions and every other benefit. Because of Organize Labor in America. And the State of Wisconsin is a perfect example of this.

What gets me is that people who tend to be against Organize Labor. Tend to look up to Ronald Reagan but what they tend not to understand. About President Reagan, was that he supported Organize Labor and OL voted for him overwhelmingly. Those people are called “Reagan Democrats”. Ron Reagan was President of a Labor Union as an actor, SAG. So they are claiming to support someone they don’t understand.


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