“With Tuition Skyrocketing, It is Time to Rethink Higher Education”: How to Pay for Higher Education

$422,320 for a College Degree? With Tuition Skyrocketing, It is Time to Rethink Higher Education | | AlterNet.

Is the Costs of Higher Education too expensive in America. Especially if you consider the College Debt that people pick up after they leave college. With Students Loans and everything else, yes. Can we do a better job of paying for Higher Education in America. So people aren’t drowning in debt after they leave college, yes. Are we ever going to have “Free Higher Education” in America”. Of course not and neither does the rest of the World. As Milton Friedman once said. Even though I’m sure he said it more then once. There’s so such thing as a Free Lunch. Whether you pay for things through fees, like at a store. Or in taxes to Uncle Sam, your still paying for it. So of course its not free, the question is how do we pay for Higher Education in America. Thats Fiscally Responsible that won’t bankrupt anybody.

As much as Progressives may want it to be that they have unlimited resources. When it comes to other peoples money, we simply don’t. We have a National Debt and Deficit of 15T$ and 2T$ respectfully. And the Federal Government as well as every State Government. Is already cutting back to address those situations. So to address funding for Higher Education in America. We are going to need new revenue to do that. Without borrowing it, we are going to have to pay for it. In a way that doesn’t hurt the economy. And I have a few suggestions to do that. That gets to setting up a new National College Fund, or allowing States to do this. Set up their own College Funds. That would be paid for by workers, their employers and the students once they leave college. As well as setting up a new Federal University System. Not to replace but to be an add on. To the Military Academy’s.

The way to make Higher Education is I believe fairly simple. All funds that parents and people for themselves to be put away for Higher Education. Would be free and Tax Deductible or with a Tax Credit. That would be matched up to lets say 10K$ a year. For a couple making up to lets say 250K$ a year. Low Income people would be able to participate in the same program. And get their Earned Income Tax Credit expanded to pay for it. As well as increasing Students Loans and Scholarships. So more deserving students that don’t have the resources to go to. Higher Education could be able to do that.

My 2nd plan which would be voluntary, would be for workers with their employers. To participate in paying into a College Fund. Up to 6K$ a year, they would cover 1500K$ a year each. To pay for the workers kids Higher Education Fund. Then once the workers kids graduate from college, they would be left with 1500K$ a year until. They pay their share off, as well as their employer So instead of being stuck with a debt of around 100K$. Once they graduate from college, it would be 1/4 of that. Not perfect but a hell of a lot better. Unless their parents or employers decide to pick up that debt themselves. And this plan would be for individuals making up to 125K$ a year. And couples making up to 250K$ a year. So it benefits the people who need them. And the new scholarships would only benefit. People who can’t afford college but are qualified to go to college and do well.

My third plan would be to build on the Military Academy’s. To create a Federal University System, that would be run independently of the Federal Government. And wouldn’t replace State University Systems. Or Private Universities but to go along with them. We now have Military University Academy’s. So I would add a Foreign Service Academy for the State Department. Homeland Security Academy for DHS, Civil Justice for the Justice Department. A Medical Science Academy for the Public Health Service. And each State would have one of these academy’s for each of these Public Services. And the students would pay lets say half of what they would pay to go to a State University. But have to serve in the Public Service that, their school is connected to. In return.

There are several ways we can go to bring down our. Higher Education costs to make Higher Ed more affordable. Without adopting a European Socialist System. Where we turn our University System over to the Federal Government. And have them run all of our Universities. We can do it in a Fiscally Responsible way and in an American Way. That empowers the people who want to need and go to college. The ability to do that.


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