“Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About Food Stamps”: How to Improve Food Assistance

Off the Charts Blog | Center on Budget and Policy Priorities | Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About Food Stamps.

We have seen the number of people who need Food Assistance go up in America. The last three years, thats obvious its called the “Great Recession”. That alone you can’t put on President Obama, he inherited the “Great Recession”. You can criticize him for his handling of the “Great Recession”. Thats Fair Game, just not the “Great Recession” occurring. So because of the “Great Recession”, we have more people. Living in Poverty in America, because more people have fallen into Poverty. People who were formerly living in the Middle Class. Who lost their job and have been on Unemployment Insurance ever since. Or have gone back to work but working for a lot less then they use to. Working jobs they are way overqualified for. Or working Part Time jobs, that doesn’t pay their bills. So now they are collecting Food Assistance as a result.

One way to get people off of Food Assistance so they no longer need it. Is to empower them to get better skills, so they can get a better job. By going back to school and going through Job Training. Something we are already doing with Welfare Insurance and hopefully we’ll be doing that with. Unemployment Insurance as well, which might be reformed in 2012 as a result. The House GOP Leadership is already pushing this and the President Obama. Seems open to this idea but I would expand that to include. All Public Assistance Programs that assist people who aren’t retired. That if you receive Public Benefits from any of these Programs. That you are eligible to receive Public Assistance. To go back to school and go through Job Training as well.

Long term I would like to do more with Food Assistance in America. Or as we are working to move people out of poverty all together. By taking SNAP as its called today formerly Food Stamps. Taking it off the Federal Budget, passing it down to the States. To set up their own Food Assistance System and then convert their SNAP. Into a Semi Private Non Profit Self Finance Grocery Insurance Service. That people who can’t afford enough food to eat on their own. Would be able to collect from, as well as creating a National System of Food Banks. With each State setting up their own System. That would greatly expand Food Banks all across the country. And target them in areas with high hunger.

Public Food Assistance is of course something we need in America. Especially with an Official Poverty Rate now approaching 20%. But long term the goal needs to be to move people out of Poverty all together. Where they are Self Sufficient and no longer need Public Assistance. And that gets Education and Job Training.


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