“Will 2012 be the Year of State-Required Drug Tests for Public Benefits?”: What Public Assistance should be for

Will 2012 be the Year of State-Required Drug Tests for Public Benefits? | | AlterNet.

To have a position on whether you support or are against Public Assistance. You first need to know what Public Assistance in America is for. To support people who have fallen on hard times and for whatever reasons. Can’t support themselves, as well as help them get back up. So they can become Self Sufficient and get off of Public Assistance. Its not to provide people with a Life of Luxury at Tax Payers expense. Basically the Bare Essentials so they can survive and get themselves off of Public Assistance. So once you understand that, then you can decide is this something. That Tax Payers should be supporting or not. I’m not hear to take a position on that myself in this blog. But to lay out what the Mission of Public Assistance in America is.

As far as Drug Testing people who are on Public Assistance. Just because they are on Public Assistance is wrong. Your attempting to see if people are guilty of a crime before you have any evidence of that or not. To me that violates their Right of Privacy, even Low Income people. Have Constitutional Rights in America. Now if you want to kick people off on Public Assistance, who do Test Positive for Narcotics. By Law Enforcement not by Social Workers or are Convicted of other Felonies. And perhaps even take their kids away from them. Until they are responsible enough to take care of them. I wouldn’t have a problem with that. Again Public Assistance is for the Bare Essentials not a Life of Luxury.

Public Assistance is not there to finance peoples vacations. Or Luxury Cars or Fancy Meals or any other Luxury in Life. For people on Public Assistance, they should have to finance those things themselves. Or narcotics but at the same time we shouldn’t be trying to convict people of crimes. Until we know crimes have been committed. Which is why I don’t support Drug Testing people on Public Assistance. Just because they are on Public Assistance.


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