“Mitt Romney Budget Proposals Would Require Massive Cuts in Non Defense Programs”: The Defense Budget has to be on the Table in Deficit Reduction

Romney Budget Proposals Would Require Massive Cuts in Nondefense Programs — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

We are about to pull our troops out of both Afghanistan and Iraq. We have a Defense Budget of 700B$, we currently have troops in Developed Nations. Like in Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea. That all have the resources to defend themselves. In Saudi Arabia’s case they already have one of the largest Defense Budgets and Armed Services in the World. To say there isn’t any room in the Defense Budget to cut. Would be like saying there isn’t any air in the World. Its not credible, so of course we can cut Defense Spending. Not just because we have a large Defense Budget. Or spend more then anyone, I believe combine. Or cut the Defense Budget to make us weaker. But do it because we can afford to, we can’t afford not to. And we can do it in a way that doesn’t make us weaker but stronger. Because it would allow us to focus Defense Spending in areas. Where we should be spending more, like in Counter Terrorism.

We can have a Safety Net that supports people that are down. That currently can’t take care of themselves. That empowers them to get on their feet and be Self Sufficient. Without harsh Budget Cuts but with also not having the Federal Government running it. By turning our Safety Net and I mean all of it. Over to the States for them to set up their own Social Welfare Systems. That would have to meet, Local, State and Federal Standards. But that would be run by our Non Profit Community Service sector. And turn these Social Insurance Programs into. Semi Private, Non Profit, Self Financed Community Services. And by doing this along with the Defense Reforms, we can save the Federal Government. Around 1.5T$ a year with a good economy, thats your Budget Deficit disappearing. And our National Debt coming down and under control.

As the saying goes “Balancing the Budget on the backs of the poor”. Is not humane or even right, especially when you leave defense and the wealthy off the table. Don’t do a thing about Corporate Welfare. And not only that but it doesn’t work, because your hurting a lot of people. Who’ll become desperate and look to breaking the law. In order to survive and there just isn’t the resources in the Social Welfare Budget. To Balance the Budget, so we need balance instead and a lot of that has to do with reform. To make things work better, which will make them cheaper as well. In the long run.


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