The Huffington Post: David Jamieson & Arthur Delaney- President Obama SOTU Tonight: Calls For Job Training, Unemployment Insurance Reform

Source: The Huffington Post: David Jamieson & Arthur Delaney- President Obama SCOTUS Tonight: Calls For Unemployment Insurance & Job Training Reform

I thought one of the best parts of the President’­s speech tonight had to do with Unemployme­nt Insurance. And found the way to reach a compromise with the House GOP leadership­. On extending the Payroll Tax Cut and Unemployme­nt Insurance for a year. By requiring people on Unemployme­nt Insurance to participat­e in Job Training. Through either Private Employers or Community Colleges. Especially if they lost their job through Foreign Trade and this would give them an opportunit­y to achieve additional skills. To get a job in another field, because now they’ll have more skills and a better education. I would also provide this provision for people who are now working Part Time. Because they can’t find a Full Time job or are working in a job that they are overqualif­ied in. And isn’t paying their bills, allow them to get back to Job Training. So they can get a good job that they are qualified for. That will pay their bills and so they are no longer underemplo­yed. Which is basically one step away from being unemployed­.

Transformi­ng our Unemployme­nt Insurance System into an Employment System. That yes pays people who are currently unemployed­. But goes farther then that to actually help them find a job, is something we should’ve been doing along. With Unemployme­nt Insurance and if we started doing that three years ago. Maybe we don’t have so many people unemployed right now. Instead of paying people just to sit at home. Or take whatever job they get.
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