FRSFreeStates: “Employment Rose Surprisingly, But President Obama Needs a Stronger Plan to Maintain Growth”: My Economic Plan

Employment Rose Surprisingly, But Obama Needs a Stronger Plan to Maintain Growth | AlterNet.

If the January Jobs Report is what to look for long term and not just one month. Then the Democratic Party is going to have a big year and not just the President. It will look very similar to 2008 but I don’t see 60 seats in the Senate. But with President Obama getting reelected, at least in a Electoral Landslide, with another Democratic Congress. The House GOP Leadership knows this like their own hands. Anything that actually improves the economy. They figure only helps the Democrats across the board. Even though they have 62 House Freshmen up for reelection on their own. They’ve calculated bad economy, helps Republicans. Improving economy, helps Democrats across the board. They know this from experience from 1984. Where President Reagan was reelected with about 60% of the vote and 49 States. As well as Republicans holding the Senate, with a 7.2% Unemployment Rate. Which is why House Republicans have been unwilling to pass anything that could get out of Congress.

President Obama understands Economic Politics, its his Political Neck thats on the line. And knows that the House GOP knows Economic Politics as well. Which is why since President Obama, even though he knows that the House GOP. Is unwilling to pass anything that can make it out of Congress, that can help the economy. He has to take his Economic Message to the people and gain traction on that. To the point where American Voters, especially Independents take his side and say. I’m with the President lets call our Rep. and Sen. and tell them that we want them to go to work. And work with the President to pass a Jobs Act, that promotes Economic and Job Growth. And maybe by making the House and Senate GOP look like obstructionist. They can bring them to the Negotiating Table.

President Obama’s Job Act should be built around Construction, Manufacturing and Veterans. Putting these people back to work by giving them work to do. As well as Unemployed Workers, who’ve been Unemployed for six months or longer. Getting then in Job Training and Job Searches. Which is what Congress will probably give the President this month as the House and Senate. Work out an agreement to extend the Payroll Tax Cut and extending Unemployment Insurance. Are good starts, as well as Infrastructure Investment. Long term Highway bill thats paid for and around 1T$, with a National Infrastructure Bank. A Tax Credit to encourage employers to keep jobs at home. And Tax Relief for Middle Class people drowning in the debt, because of the Housing Market.

Todays Jobs Report good news for the economy, the President and Democrats. Especially if this is a sign to come and we stay on this corse. But its way to early to get comfortable about the economy. And plenty of more work to do, whether Congressional Republicans help out or not.

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