FRSFreeStates: “Amend the State Constitution, Legalize Pot?”: Marijuana coming to the Big Sky Country?

Amend the State Constitution, Legalize Pot? How Advocates in Montana are Sticking it to the Feds and Local Republicans | | AlterNet.

Its not just in some of these Liberal-Libertarian minded States that Marijuana Legalization is catching on. Like in the Northeast and Northwest or Colorado. But in places like Montana, which is basically a Bible Belt State but perhaps. Becoming more Liberal and Libertarian as well. There’s an old Western feeling about disliking Big Government. That Barry Goldwater picked up in Arizona, when he was in Congress. And Ronald Reagan used in California, this notion that Westerners don’t want Big Government. In their wallets and bedrooms, telling them how to live their lives. Which is good news for Liberals such as myself and Libertarians. And a reason why Barack Obama won Colorado in 2008. Even though he’s officially against Marijuana Legalization. And this is bad news for Religious and Neoconservatives. Who view these things in moral and National Security terms. That we have to protect the people from themselves. To protect the country but that argument is losing ground in the West.

Marijuana Legalization will be on the ballot in Colorado, Washington State that just passed Same Sex Marriage. Connecticut and looks like Montana may amend their Constitution to allow Marijuana Legalization as well. No one is looking to force people to smoke or take pot. They are just tired of seeing our Jails and Prions being overcrowded by Pot Users. And people who use other narcotics and are looking for alternatives. Like Legalizing Marijuana but then regulating and taxing it like Alcohol. And stop locking people up for possessing other narcotics. But get Drug Addicts into Drug Rehab to get the help that they need. Instead of treating them like criminals, because of what they do to themselves. And for simple possession.

Marijuana like Alcohol and Tobacco, Gambling, Pornography are simple Freedom of Choice issues. The ability for Free Adults to live their own lives. As long as they are not hurting anyone else with what they are doing. And thats what we seeing going on with these Marijuana Proposals.


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