FRSFreeStates: CPAC 2012: “No Ronald Reagan In The Room”: Not your Fathers or Grandfathers GOP

The days of Dwight Eisenhower­, Gerald Ford, Barry Goldwater, Everett Dirksen, Ronald Reagan, Howard Baker and others. Are over in the Republican Party, this is no longer your fathers or grandfathe­rs GOP. When it was a Classical Conservati­ve get Big Government out of our wallets and bedrooms party. Where if it wasn’t for Congressio­nal Republican­s, Civil Rights doesn’t pass in the 1960s. Because they believed the Equal Protection Clause of the US Constituti­on circumvent­ed States Rights. And they were right, this is no longer a get Big Government out of our wallets and bedrooms party. But now a Religious and Neoconserv­ative Party, that puts National Security and how they define National Morality. Over Individual Liberty and Constituti­onal Rights and a party. That would probably define Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan today as Liberals and who both. Goldwater and Reagan would probably not be able to get elected nationally today in the GOP. And they would probably both be excuse the expression­, be shitting bricks if they were alive today. And saw what had become of today’s GOP.

Twenty years ago in the Republican Party, Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann would be seen as Fringe Candidates. They would be taken no more seriously then. Pat Buchanan but in today’s Republican Party, they are seen as mainstream. Because they both have a serious following that the Establishment Candidates. Like a Mitt Romney who does fit in well with old GOP of 20-30 years ago. Has to be able to appeal to and take positions, he otherwise normally wouldn’t take. In order to get Presidential Nomination and have any shot at being elected President. Thats how much the GOP has changed today and how far they’ve fallen. They are no longer seen as the party that will protect Individual Liberty. And have even lost ground to Democrats on Economic Policy. And National Security, issues Democrats use to be weak on.

For the Republican Party to be relevant in the future, especially as we get more Liberal-Libertarian. With the X and Y Generations, the Republican Party has to move far past. Religious and Neoconservatism and get back to being a Classical Conservative Party. That can appeal to Libertarians and bring them back into the party.
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