FRSFreeStates: “| Want to Promote Job Training and Adult Education?”: Putting Unemployed Workers to Work

Off the Charts Blog | Center on Budget and Policy Priorities | Want to Promote Job Training and Adult Education? Then Fund Them Adequately.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities a Progressive Think Tank. Thats run by Progressive Economist Robert Greenstein in Washington. A Progressive Think Tank and Economist I actually respect. Even though ideologically we are pretty different but their research and facts are pretty good. And they have broad respect, analyzed the House Republican Unemployment Insurance Extension plan. And apparently in it, has a provision that requires Unemployed Workers. In order to collect Unemployed Insurance, has to have a High School Diploma or GED. Or in class in order to get their Diploma or GED. In order to be eligible for UI, their analyst doesn’t like that provision. I don’t have a problem with it, because good look getting a good job. Today without a College Degree, unless your an athlete or entertainer. Let alone without a High School Diploma or GED. I have no problem paying people in order to accomplish those things. And even extending their UI, so they can accomplish that. But then take it a step further and get a College Degree or Vocational Degree. Or get Job Training, these are good investments. So these people can go back to work.

Without a High School Diploma or GED, Unemployed Workers will either be collecting. Unemployment Insurance indefinitely, because they aren’t qualified for the jobs. They are applying for or are competing with people. That are a lot more qualified or going to have to take a job. That doesn’t pay their bills and end up being on other forms of. Public Assistance, like Public Housing, Medicaid, Food Assistance etc. But if they get themselves a good education, they’ll be in much better shape. To not only get a job but a good job, that pays their bills. And allows them to live in a good neighborhood and so they can become Self Sufficient. This is what a Safety Net is suppose to be about and why its called a Safety Net. To catch people and help them back up.

This is what we should be doing with Unemployment Insurance. Transforming Unemployment Offices, into Employment Offices. Where yes Unemployed Workers can get help paying their bills while they are unemployed. But also help getting back to work. With Job Training and then followed by Job Placement or just Job Placement. For well qualified Unemployed Workers.


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