FRSFreeStates: “Supermajority Requirements to Raise Taxes”: Making it harder to Spend Tax Payers Money

Six Reasons Why Supermajority Requirements to Raise Taxes Are a Bad Idea — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

If States want to have Supermajority Requirements to raise taxes, then thats their business. As long as they are within the US Constitution, as this would be. I personally wouldn’t have a problem with my State of Maryland imposing that as well. Or the Federal Government doing that either. As long as there are a few amendments and then I’ll explain. Why I’m for these concepts. I believe a 3/5 Vote should be required to pass a Government Budget, at least in the Senate. Government Budgets and that they shouldn’t be done overnight. Meaning its introduced around midnight, and then Legislatures are given. Lets say until noon that day or less then 24 hours. To vote yes or no on it, that they should be given a week to vote on it. Whether its a Republican or Democratic Budget. This would prevent a lot of bad budgets and borrowing from becoming law.

I like Supermajority Requirements for Government Budgets to become law, as well as for Tax Cuts and Tax Hikes. This would prevent a lot of bad budgeting. Which tends to come right after one party wins an election. And has most of the power, meaning the Executive and Legislative. The Opposition Party is in the Minority in both the House and Senate. The Ruling Party decided, hey we have the Executive and Legislative now. We can pass just about anything as it relates to Fiscal Policy at least. The thing is when these things tend to happen. Especially at the Federal Government, the Opposition Party. Tends to have enough seats in the Senate, to block Legislation. As President Obama and Senate Democrats have found out over and over.

If you just require a Simple Majority to pass a budget in both the House and Senate. When one party has a United Government. They control the Executive and the Legislature, they tend to get greedy and decide. This is the time to pass things that we’ve been trying to pass for years. But the other party keeps blocking us. But with a 3/5 Super Majority Requirement in the Senate. They would have to step back, if the Opposition Party has enough Senate Seats. To block Legislation on their own and hopefully decide. We can’t get everything we want, we need a few votes at least from the Senate Minority. To do anything and lets see what we can get done. Otherwise they would try to jam things through people before they can read them and fail.

Think about it if the US Senate had a 3/5 Supermajority Requirement on Federal Budgets. During the George W. Bush Administration. When they had a Republican Congress from 2003-07. The 2003 Tax Cuts as they were passed, doesn’t happen. Senate Democrats had 49 seats, all the borrowing for the Afghan and Iraq Wars doesn’t happen either. The 500B$ Medicare Advantage plan, that was all borrowed in 2003, doesn’t happen. Unless Congressional Republicans and President Bush worked. With Senate Democrats, who would’ve demanded those things be. Scaled back and paid for, we could’ve save this country a lot of debt.


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