FRSFreeStates: “13 States Working Towards Smart, Sane Marijuana Laws”: Sanity in the War on Drugs, I’ll be damned


Big Government

13 States Working Towards Smart, Sane Marijuana Laws | | AlterNet.

Here’s a brief summary of the Big Picture, well I guess summaries by definition are brief. But you get the idea, States are piling up debt. Have huge deficits, not just California and Texas, my State of Maryland has around a 20B$ deficit. We have slow Economic Growth and High Unemployment. And no I’m not making the case for a Republican President. But because of the tight resources that are going around the country. States are having to look for new ways to cut their costs. Including things like Private Prisons in Texas and Arizona. California looking to transfer Non Violent Offenders to Halfway Houses. States and the Federal Government creating Drug Courts. To give Drug Offenders the option of going through Drug Rehab. Instead of prison and now some States are considering Legalizing Marijuana.

Crisis’s and other problems that have to be dealt with effectively to avoid disaster. Can make people sane, because it forces them to reexamine what they are doing. What they are doing well and what they aren’t doing well. And what they can improve on, which is what we are seeing. In the War on Drugs, we now have around 2M people in our Corrections System. The largest Corrections Populations in the World per capita. Maybe 500K of them, its in the hundreds of thousands. Are in prison fro Drug Use or Possession, not because of what they did to someone else. But here’s the thing we don’t have endless resources, just look at the National Debt. There’s a limit to the amount of money we can spend. Which is what these States are learning the hard way.

Drug Courts, Drug Rehab as an alternative to prison and Marijuana Legalization proposals. Are all recognitions that what we are currently doing in the War on Drugs. Is not working, I would argue they are recognizing the failure. Of the War on Drugs and are looking at other ways. To deal with marijuana, treating it like alcohol. And get Narcotics Addicts in Drug Rehab not prison instead.


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