FRSFreeStates: Michael Moore: “America Is a Liberal Nation”: Liberals are now winning the Culture War


Culture Warrior

Michael Moore: “America Is a Liberal Nation”: Yes we are but not Michael Moore’s Liberalism.

Just in the last year or so we’ve seen America move on some key Social Issues. That the Far Right in America for forty years, have bashed Democrats in the head over. It use to be about abortion and crime, pornography and even Civil Rights for all. But the Far Right stopped pushing those issues ten years ago as hard as they used to. After they realized they have lost those issues. As America has moved more left on Social Issues. As we’ve become younger and more tolerant as a country. The x and y generations aren’t driven by these issues. As far as using them to define their politics. Unlike some of their parents and grandparents. But are interested in things like Economic Liberty, keeping their taxes and regulations down. Especially as they are just starting off in life. And keeping government off our backs as a whole and letting us live our own lives.

What use to be about abortion and crime, today thanks to the Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann’s of the World. Is now about Same Sex Marriage, Gay Rights broadly and pornography, Marijuana Legalization. And even gambling, the Far Right would like to see these activities illegal. And would like to see censorship when it comes to other forms of entertainment. Thats where the Republican Party is going right now and again where a lot of the other country isn’t. As we are seeing with movements and success’s to legalize Same Sex Marriage. And in 2012 we will see movements to legalize marijuana as well. America is becoming how Barry Goldwater described his politics. Get Big Government out of my wallet and bedroom and is something that Ron Paul has picked up on.

Liberals are now winning the Culture War and in some ways, we’ve been winning this war for about fifteen years. And we shouldn’t use these issues to define our politics. Other then to say, again get Big Government out of our wallets and bedrooms. But at the same time we shouldn’t be afraid to fight this war, when its pushed on us. By the Far Right and fight back, because we have the facts and the arguments. And we are winning.


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