FRSFreeStates: “Higher Rents for Poorest Housing Recipients a Bad Idea”: Empowering Low Income Residents to have their own Homes Good Idea


Great Society

Off the Charts Blog | Center on Budget and Policy Priorities | Higher Rents for Poorest Housing Recipients a Bad Idea.

If you want to cut the costs of Public Housing in America, to make it less of a burden on Tax Payers. You do several things, first of all you get the Federal Government. Out of the business of running it, you turn it over to the Local Governments. Instead the States and Feds would regulate it. Let each big city and all counties have their own Public Housing System. To meet the housing needs of their Low Income Residents. Then turn Public Housing over to the Private Sector. Let Non Profit Community Services run them instead, they do a good job with homeless people as well. As far as finding them homes. And then make Public Housing Self Financed paid for by its residents and employers. Housing Vouchers for Unemployed Residents.

You don’t cut costs in Public Housing by taking it out of people. Who can barely if even cover their current Living Costs. What will happen instead is that they’ll end up homeless. And end up consuming other Public Services. Living in Homeless Shelters and having to go through the same process of finding another home in Public Housing. And the other way to cut costs in Public Housing, is by putting the Unemployed Residents. To work and through Job Training so they can get a good job. And move out of Public Housing all together. The less people we have living in Public Housing. The cheaper it would be to manage.


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