FRSFreeStates: “Ron Paul’s Budget Proposals Are Fiscally Irresponsible”: At Least Ron Paul has a Plan

Whether you like Ron Paul or his budget plan or not, at least he has one. When we finally get around to serious Deficit Reduction, we are going to need around 5T$. In order to get the deficit and debt under control. A package of cuts, reforms and revenue is what we are going to have to do. And Rep. Paul has a plan calling for 1T$ in revenue a year to accomplish this. He’s the only person willing to take on the National Security Community, Entitlement Community and the Corporate Welfare Community. In doing this and would allow for young people to plan their own retirements and Healthcare as they get older in doing this. And is the only serious Presidential Candidate that has a plan to get our troops out of Developed Nations. In Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea and demand that they spend the resources that they have. To defend themselves while we spend our resources rebuilding our own country. Rep. Paul’s plan is not the plan that I would’ve written, my plan is similar to Gar Johnson of the Libertarian Party. But neither the President or the Republican Frontrunner has a plan. To either balance the Federal Budget or get our deficit and debt sustained.

We close our bases in Developed Nations, we can save 200B$ a year roughly. We eliminate Corporate Welfare and have broader Tax Reform. By eliminating Tax Loopholes and lowering rates, we can save another 100B$ a year. We reform our Entitlement System and broader Social Insurance System. By transforming it into a Social Welfare System, by Means Testing all of it. Which is what it is except for Social Security and Medicare. And transform our Public Assistance programs, into programs that empower people. And help them become Self Sufficient and start paying taxes. Instead of collecting Public Assistance and then transform these programs over to the States. Starting with Unemployment Insurance, which is what we did with Welfare Insurance in 1996. We can save the Federal Government and Tax Payers 1T$ plus a year. And eliminate the deficit and start paying down our debt.

Leading is about doing what’s right what’s in the best interest of the country. Not doing what it takes to get reelected and if you do a good job. And can convince voters of that, you’ll get reelected any way.
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