FRSFreeStates: House Democrats Raise $1.1 Million In ‘War On Women’ Campaign: Thanks to the Christian Right

Thanks Far Right, your contributions have been appreciative. Just what the GOP needs right now, a pumped up Democratic Base. House Republicans have 62 Freshmen up for reelection in 2012. In an election that coming in at least, looked very winnable for the Republican Party. Because of the economy, In Congress and the Presidency, the GOP thanks to the Far Right. Is doing everything they can to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Debating contraception on a Senate Transportation bill, a jobs bill, where we still have 8.2% Unemployment.

Chairman Barbara Boxer and Ranking Member Jim Inhoffe of the Public Works Committee. Who agree as often, as it snows in South Florida. Wrote this bill together, because they both understand the need for Infrastructure Investment in America. According to the Core of Engineers, we need around 1T$ in repairs and expansion. This whole election is suppose to be about the economy.

Thanks to the Christian Right and Sen. Roy Blunt. The GOP is doing everything they can to make it about Social Issues. So thanks again to the Far Right, who without the Democratic Party probably gets beat badly in 2012.
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