FRSFreeStates: “America: The Best Country in the World at Being Last”: How America should move forward


American Capitalism

America: The Best Country in the World at Being Last — How Can We Change That? | | AlterNet.

Progressives constantly like to put down America and point out how badly we are doing. And then look to Socialist Democracies in Europe and say how well they are doing. By the way would anyone want to trade our debt and Economic Growth right now. With Britain, Italy, Spain or Greece, Italy, Spain and Greece. May all be headed to being bailed out by the IMF and European Union, not just Greece. And then Progressives like to say Europe does things better. So we should be more like them. We need a larger more centralized Federal Government. Providing Public Services, that Americans are already providing for themselves. We need to double the size of the Federal Government. And make it look like Sweden. Americans making 40K$ a year and struggling to pay their bills. Are simply under taxes at 10%.

America will never have a strong economy again by trying to impersonate someone else. A big reason why Europe became an Economic Power, is by becoming more like us. Germany and Britain are perfect examples of that, when they privatize a lot of their industries. And gave their people Economic Liberty. Just look at the British Economy in 1979 when Socialists were still in charged there. And then look at their economy by 1990 when Margaret Thatcher left the Prime Ministership. After the Conservatives privatized a lot of their economy. Something they are looking to do again right now. America’s economy isn’t struggling because we are under taxed or our Federal Government isn’t big enough. But because we got away from what we do well.

American Capitalism is based on having a strong Education System. Strong Public Infrastructure, a Regulatory System that works and is easy to comply with. Doesn’t over or under regulate, a Tax System that encourages Economic Growth. Encourages people to be productive and work hard and rewards them for it. And a Safety Net that helps people who fall down, get themselves back up. And doesn’t leave them down indefinitely. Thats what we use to do well and how we built the largest economy in the World. And what we’ve gotten away from and need to get back to.

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2 Responses to FRSFreeStates: “America: The Best Country in the World at Being Last”: How America should move forward

  1. Rusty says:

    You said absolutely nothing. Sweden went through the credit crash without any issues and isn’t listed with Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland. Germany is growing, Finland has way better education, Slovenia has modernized beyond us after emerging from Yugoslavia, and the list goes on. Selective use of info for your benefit won’t get you far and doesn’t make this country better. Why don’t you actually work for the greater good and not perpetuate idiocy.

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